Verlon Brown discovered his passion for acting during a stint at a Fresh Air Fund camp in Delaware; he was twelve years old. Hooked immediately, Verlon spent much of his summer performing in plays and assisting in other aspects of stage production. He excelled as an actor and loved breathing life into his characters. Verlon’s time in Delaware set the foundation for his professional career.

Verlon graduated from Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC) and fully devoted himself to acting. He enrolled in formal acting classes at Queens College. To sharpen his skills and familiarize himself with the technical demands of his craft, Verlon took on as much background work as he could manage—working with renowned artists like Uma Thurman, Nicolas Cage, DMX, Nas, Stephen Baldwin, and Gina Gershon.

In 2004, Verlon’s humility and hard work were rewarded when a peer referred him to Black Nexxus, Susan Batson’s acting studio in New York. Though Verlon initially thought Susan’s classes were very different from anything he’d experienced, he persevered and eventually felt a freedom he’d never experienced as an actor. Now under Susan’s direction at Susan Batson Studios, Verlon lends his talent to a number of plays and ensembles. He recently portrayed Nat King Cole in Nat King Cole: The Vanguard of Avant Garde. For his role, Verlon dedicated himself to intensive character study and research, and as a result, he developed a profound respect for Nat King Cole’s body of work.

Innovative and creative by nature, Verlon’s peers have described him as generous, supportive, and kind-hearted both on the stage and off. He exudes a warmth and congeniality that actors, directors, and audiences appreciate. His willingness to help his fellow actors reach their pinnacles has become his trademark. Verlon is committed to his calling, and he brings an impeccable level of professionalism to every role.

Verlon would like to thank his family for their love and support. His mother, Loretta Brown, is a Jane-of-all-trades, and her natural innovativeness sparked Verlon’s many successes as an actor, carpenter, inventor, and chef. His father, Matthew Brown, is a talented singer and entertainer who provided much of the inspiration for Verlon’s portrayal of Nat King Cole and encouraged Verlon’s art. While Verlon has juggled many roles, his role as a single father has been by far the most rewarding. Verlon’s daughter, Chelsea Brown, has always been a beautiful inspiration; she fosters Verlon’s inquisitive thinking and inspires him beyond measure.

Verlon’s dream is to eventually be at a place where he can give back to his community. Additionally, Verlon hopes to advance his own body of work by developing more solo shows. Truly a multi-faceted actor, Verlon is equally comfortable in comedies, dramas, and improvisations. Verlon constantly strives to learn more about his craft, and his ultimate goal is to inspire others through his performances.